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08 March 2007 @ 04:01 pm
"In the end,
it's not the years in your life that count.
It's the life in your years."

- Abraham Lincoln

001.) Be remembered.
002.) Fall in love.
003.) Write a book.
004.) Go cage diving with sharks.
005.) Take a road trip.
006.) Keep a clean bedroom for a long period of time.
007.) Start a movement.
008.) Meet someone with a drug addiction and help them rehabilitate.
009.) Get my license. Completed July 24, 2008.
010.) Learn to waterski. Completed Summer 2006.
011.) Weigh 110 lbs. Completed June 23, 2011.
012.) Walk for a cause.
013.) Be whistled at.
014.) Steal a stop sign.
015.) Travel to Ireland.
016.) Follow a band.
017.) Get over my emetophobia.
018.) "More trust, less doubt."
019.) Learn to play guitar.
020.) Sing in front of an audience.
021.) Run a marathon.
022.) Rent a beach house at Bay Beach.
023.) Speak a line in a movie.
024.) Adopt a baby.
025.) Go streaking.
026.) Study a religion.
027.) Have a boyfriend. Completed April 28, 2010.
028.) Meet Christopher Meloni.
029.) Get a tattoo. Completed early May, 2010.
030.) Go to a sporting event with poms poms and face paint.
031.) Cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
032.) Establish a career.
033.) Get a professional massage.
034.) See Michael Jackson.
035.) Milk a cow.
036.) Graduate college.
037.) Say "I love you" and mean it.
038.) See my parents become friends.
039.) See my parents sitting next to each other at my graduation. Completed June 26, 2009.
040.) See my parents sitting next to each other at my wedding.
041.) Hug a stranger. Completed October 25, 2007.
042.) Still be leaving "You Are Beautiful" messages when I'm 40.
043.) Visit a prison. Completed March 07, 2008.
044.) Leave my poetry in a library book.
045.) Be voted something in senior polls. Completed Senior Year, 2009.
046.) Have a song written about me.
047.) Befriend someone I never thought I would. (A Walk to Remember-esque.)
048.) Go on tour with a band.
049.) Skinny-dip. Completed June 26, 2007.
050.) Get a picture published.
051.) Go to Seattle just to dance in the rain.
052.) Be a vegetarian for a month.
053.) Trust someone.
054.) Take the SAT. Completed June 07, 2008.
055.) Have my Grandmama tell me I look great, weightwise. Completed November 20, 2007.
056.) Ride a mechanical bull.
057.) Take a Yoga class.
058.) Stay up all night with a boy just to watch the sunrise in the morning.
059.) Work at one of the those cafe's where people drink coffee and read all day.
060.) Fly.
061.) Bond with my Aunt Elizabeth and her kids, who I have never met.
062.) Grow a garden.
063.) Own a house.
064.) Organize a Capture-the-Flag team and play another team at the wee hours of the morning.
065.) See the Sabres win the Stanley Cup.
066.) Get Jason Pominville's autograph. Hello, sexy.
067.) Volunteer at an animal shelter.
068.) Skip a class. Completed September 12, 2007.
069.) Use a hard drug. Completed November 29, 2008.
070.) Run away with somebody, just for a weekend. And not tell anyone where we are.
071.) Senior prank.
072.) Hire a personal trainer.
073.) Build something.
074.) Be on a TV show.
075.) Have at least two cats.
076.) Have a valentine.
077.) Be the reason somebody backs out of committing suicide.
078.) Have sex. Completed October, 2008.
079.) Quit biting my nails.
080.) Be assured enough to fly on a plane alone.
081.) Go to a Coyote Ugly bar.
082.) See Jerry Springer live.
083.) Finish a large jigsaw puzzle.
084.) Go camping with friends.
085.) Sleep on the beach.
086.) Move out of my house. Completed November 15th, 2009.
087.) Skydive.
088.) Save somebody.
089.) Wear contacts. Completed February 11, 2008.
090.) Attend my 10-year high school reunion.
091.) Sing karaoke in public.
092.) Fall asleep while cuddling with someone. Completed September 16, 2007.
093.) Have 8+ peircings.
094.) Help with a food drive.
095.) Buy size 2 jeans.
096.) Go to a spinning class and do the whole thing.
097.) Work at a Barnes & Noble.
098.) Read 12 recreational books in a year.
099.) See Amelia get married.
100.) See a shooting star.
101.) See an eclipse. Completed August 28, 2007.
102.) Get accepted into college. Completed March 24, 2009.
103.) Send a message in a bottle.
104.) Go to New York City.
105.) Go paintballing.
106.) Participate in a WalMart shopping cart relay race.
107.) Throw a house party. Completed December 27-January 3, 2009)
108.) Be someone else for a night.
109.) Go to Las Vegas.
110.) Do something ridiculously spontaneous.
111.) Go in a boy's locker room. Completed June 25, 2007.
112.) Vote.
113.) Do a backflip.
114.) Have an exercise schedule for a month.
115.) Have a good surprise party.
116.) Be told that I've changed someone for the better.
117.) Be 'kidnapped' by my friends. Completed November 12, 2007.
118.) Donate to Locks of Love.
119.) Meet someone from livejournal in person.
120.) Visit the Alnwick Castle.
121.) Run 10 5K's in a year.
122.) Use the photobooth at Oaks Park in Portland.
123.) Make out in an elevator.
124.) Write an article for a newspaper.
125.) Meet Hanson.
126.) Spend a winter somewhere warmer than Buffalo.
127.) Master an Irish accent.
128.) Kiss someone under mistletoe.
129.) Go on a romantic date.
130.) Swim in a fountain.
131.) Drive out to Wilson, "pack my bags and stay there for the weekend."
132.) Take a random class about something really different, like Women's Studies or Glass Blowing.
133.) Visit Heath Ledger's grave.
134.) Make my own fortune cookies.
135.) Fill an entire room with balloons.
136.) Confess the entire truth. Completed May, 2010.
137.) Meet Andrew McMahon.
138.) Turn 21.
139.) Wear a bathing suit outside.
140.) Be content with my body.
141.) Meet someone who could pass as my long-lost twin.
142.) Have a sumo wrestling matches in a big sumo suit.
143.) Learn Aikido.
144.) Build and live in a habitable tree house.
145.) Try sushi.
146.) Learn how to wakeboard.
147.) Get professionally photographed (tastefully) nude.
1001.) Die happy.

Kathleenlovers_liars_x on March 14th, 2007 02:49 am (UTC)
i love the things on this list so much.
now i know what you were talking about in lunch i love